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Guide to Buying the best Leash
One of the most important surfing accessories is a leash, and buying leashes can be an intimidating shopping experience when you see a million on the rack at your local surf shop. However, you have to consider different factors before buying your own surfboard leash. The list includes the thickness, the length of the leash and the size of the ankle cuff.  In this guide, we will take you through those considerations that you have to make when choosing the best leash from our product archive.

  • Length of the Leash

It is really important to choose the right length for your leash. If you end up buying a long leash then it will not only add extra drag but it will also hold you back and prevent you from catching waves. On the other hand, buying a short one can cause you serious injury as it generally gets tethered very close to the surfboard allowing the board to bounce back and hit you.  As a result, the board and the surfer (you) can cross the paths during the nasty wipeout.

Our Recommendation: We always suggest to our buyers to choose a surf leash that is either equal to or slightly longer than the length of their surfboard.

  • Thickness of the Leash

Choosing the right thickness for the leash is also very vital and you have to do it wisely based on the environmental condition where you generally go out for surfing. Lets suppose you are going out in larger surf, then you would want to get a thicker leash chord as they are more durable and can resist more powerful waves. You can also choose a thin leash as it will cause you less drag and you will be able to catch more waves and go quicker. The size of your board also plays an influential role in deciding the suitable thickness for your leash.

Our Recommendation: We suggest you to buy thin leashes if you are using a small board and going in small to medium size surf.  Consider using a thick leash if you are using a heavier and bigger board and going out in medium to large surf.  You will find plenty of surf leashes for sale in our online shopping store but choose the thinner one if you plan to participate on a competition as it will allow you to catch more waves and enable you to show your skills. Opt for a thicker one if you are looking for a durable solution in larger and more powerful surf.

  • Skill of an Individual

You must also consider your skill before buying a leash. Read below our recommendation when choosing the leash that will suit your surfing need.

Our Recommendation: A beginner should buy a longer and thinner leash. A longer leash decreases the chances of getting hit by their surfing board during a nasty fall. A thicker one will enable you to survive the rough waves. So if you are a beginner now you know which surf leashes are suitable for you. If you are not, then you are already well aware of the fact that a thin and shorter leash is perfect for you to show off your charisma on the surfboard.

By following these tips you will be able to choose the right leash for you. If you still need any additional support then feel free to contact us. Our customer support team will be happy to help you. 

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