The Top 5 Absolute Best Beaches to Surf in the World August 5, 2017 – Posted in: Blog

The perfect wave, the perfect little town near huge lonely sandy beaches and the perfect weather to surf until your knees can´t take it no more. All of it and more can be found in these earthly paradises

The aim of the list is to bring you the best, most renowned beaches in the world for surfing and also some newly discovered, strange paradises where to surf in icy water surrounded by big mountains. Join us in this world-wide travel, the endless search for the perfect wave.

#1 Waikiki, Hawaii

This is where it all started according to surf historians. These little tiny islands lost in the Pacific Ocean were the crib that held surfing in its first moments. Reputation, though, is still incredibly well maintained due to its gigantic waves, breath-taking natural landscapes and of course, diverse touristic attendance. The town is beautiful and very urban, with a variety of food, great coffee and beautiful accommodation can be found very easily.  You can get surfing lessons for the small waves of Waikiki Beach, or adventure to the North Shore and surf the gigantic waves at Pipeline.  This can all be found within the island of Oahu, Hawaii.  It might not be cheap, but it will really get you hooked on surfing and want to re-visit this wonderful spot and continue the sport.

#2 Hossegor, France

Who said the Old World couldn´t offer some of the greatest waves in the world? Well, it seems the old continent still offers way more than meets the eye to adventurers. While Paris is and will remain the country´s most visited city, the coasts are getting more attention than ever. Europe´s exclusive beaches are luxurious and often very well maintained. No surprises in France either, this surfing paradise offers some of the greatest waves in the world.  They are hit with a continuous tide that surfers can only dream off. The main attraction is the performance of the professional surfers riding in the majestic waves, but there´s also a quieter spot down the south for beginners. Not to be overlooked, the water temperature is among the warmest in the Atlantic Ocean.

#3 Hoddevik, Norway

Ever imagined a white sand beach sheltered by big mountains with a beautiful little surf hostel where to stop and have a great time after surfing big waves in an icy sea right on the top end of the world? Well, it is not only possible but also very recommendable. The breath-taking landscape and the incredible waves are delightfully strange in that environment and climate. Don´t miss the chance to dive into the strangest surfing experience in the world.

#4 Anchor Point, Morocco

This is Morocco´s best known surf spot and is very famous due to its high waves and continuous tide. The 300 to 500 meters long waves can be between 3 and 15 feet tall and will accommodate all kinds of surfers, from beginners to experienced professionals. Morocco is a beautiful country and is just a step away from the European coast. For those wanting to just take a tourism & surfing trip, this might be the best option.

#5 Itacaré, Brazil

If you close your eyes and think of a surfer´s paradise right now, the image that will pop up in your mind is surely very close to what Itacaré looks like. A true surfer´s paradise surrounded by exotic, tropical vegetation and animals. The waves are awesome, so are the people and the little town, which is flooded with easy-going surfers and parties going up to the morning every day. The water is really warm and tides are pretty consistent all year long. Going is fairly easy, the difficult thing is leaving!