Travis Logie

PRO SURFER • WSL COMMISSIONER Athlete Director & Co-Founder of Sympl Supply Co.

South African native Travis Logie surfed on the world tour and took down the likes  of Kelly Slater, Dane Reynolds and Mick Fanning throughout his 10 year career on tour.  He’s no longer competing on tour, but you will still see Trav’s lethal backhand on any given day flaring in the So.Cal waters.  He’s now living in West Hollywood, California, which is a world away from his hometown of Durban, South Africa, but is still living the dream life.  He is now the WSL Commisioner for the WQS and as a co-founder of Sympl Supply Co. he is keeping himself plenty busy in and out of the water.

“One thing is that people seem to complain a lot and I always remind them that it’s worth every bit of blood, sweat and tears you go through to make the Tour. It’s the best lifestyle ever. You get paid to do what you love. I didn’t know how cool it was until I was actually on there” – T.L